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Airbeds and mats for sleeping while camping. Part 1: How to choose?
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Airbeds and mats for sleeping while camping. Part 1: How to choose?

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Having a good bed is essential while camping out in the outdoors. It provides a comfortable sleep, ensures adequate rest and most importantly - isolates you from the cold ground. Basically you could use any bed when sleeping outdoors, but in practice it is reasonable that you take with you such a bed that will comply with place where you are going to spend the nighta and the way you are going to reach your destination.


How to decide the size you need?


  • Length of bed: When choosing a bed, the first rule you shoudl know is that its length should not less than your body lenght. Your feet, especially the soles should not go beyond the bed, as this will create discomfort, especially in the cooler nights of during mid-seasons. 


  • Width and shape of the bed: Almost every bed or sleeping mat offers a minimum width of 50 cm. If you have a tendency to move around at night, you will probably need a larger bed, for example, about 65-70 cm. When you select it, however, take in mind as well the width of the tent you are using. 


How to choose depending on what you will use it for?

If you are going camping for a longer period and you can get to the selected location by car, then you can choose a heavier and larger bed or mat, as long as you are not limited in space inside the vehicle. More bulky and heavy mats and beds provide more comfort, softness and home atmosphere. They also are much more suitable for long-term recreation and relaxation. These are inflatable beds, a large self-inflatable mats (7-10 cm in hight) and rollaway beds.

But if you plan is to trek with a backpack or sleeping in a tent in the mountain, then in this case it is more appropriate to select a light and compact inflatable or self-inflatable mat. They have a weight of 0.5 kg. up to 1 kg. and fold so that they can be stored in a backpack and do not occupy much space.