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Why choose outdoor products from Bergans of Norway?
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Why choose outdoor products from Bergans of Norway?

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The Norwegian brand Bergans is among the pioneers in the development and supply of products for hiking, mountaineering, camping and winter sports. Today Bergans is one of the world's best companies in the production of outdoor equipment and has won fans around the world, thanks to the company's experience, quality performance and responsible attitude towards nature and people.


The Bergans brand was established in 1909 and since then it has not stopped developing and manufacturing products for mountaineering, camping, hiking and other outdoor sports. More than 107 years of invaluable experience in the production of outdoor equipment put Bergans among the oldest outdoor companies in the world. In other words at Bergans they really know what they are doing!




Bergans is the undisputed market leader in Norway, a country with a high living standard, harsh climate and people who spend their free time mostly in outdoor activities. Over the past 15 years Bergans has positioned itself as one of the most popular outdoor brands in strongly competitive markets such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and the USA. Bergans is the leading sponsor of a number of international expeditions, as well as proud partner of several proven professional athletes envolved in skiing, climbing and mountaineering.


Bergans aims to produce products of high quality with excellent protection and climate control properties and long service life. The brand not only follow the latest trends, but also introduces many novelties and innovations, which are then applied in the entire oudtoor industry. Every new product is tested in a real environment, to prove that it is practical, convenient and relaible enough. Bergans products are characterized by well-chosen color combinations and modern sport design.


Bergans use high quality and proven production materials, relying strongly on natural fabrics and recycled materials. Much of the outdoor clothing offered by Bergans is made of merino wool, goose down or organic cotton. Synthetic materials are also used, such as membranes Dermizax, synthetic insulation PrimaLoft, polyester Polartec, as well as synthetic materials developed by the brand itself, such as Bergans Element and Bergans Arctic.






All Bergans products have been designed, developed, and tested in Norway. Bergans does not have any production facilities of its own, but uses subcontractors who are experts in production of items such as sleeping bags, backpacks and clothing. Our suppler chains are often long and complex and go all the way from raw material to finished product. It goes without saying that we manufacture our products under safe, environmentally-friendly, and ethical conditions, but keeping an overview and transmitting our values to all links of the chain is a challenge.To ensure responsible production, we always engage in close dialogue and focus on long-term cooperation with our suppliers. We place clear requirements on all of our cooperation partners.


Sustainability and Responsibility:
Bergans is a company dedicated to protecting the ecosystems in which its products are used. The Norwegian brand is supporter, member and active participant in a number of social and environmental initiatives:


 EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association) -  Founded in 2006, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) raises money from the European outdoor industry to preserve and protect the natural and wilderness environments it depends on.


 Mountain People -  An independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious and cross cultural organization registered in Nepal. Originally consisting of mountain enthusiasts from Norway helping mountain people in Nepal to help themselves, the organization now has members from over 30 countries


 I Care :-)  - 32 million people in the world are needlessly blind. The majority of them live in poor countries in Africa and Asia. These countries do not have public health services offering surgery or treatment that could give these people their sight back.


 Respect the Mountains - A Pan-European organization that promotes effective actions to reduce the negative impact of tourism on the environment.



 Bluesign - A voluntary initiative among textile companies. bluesign® works to ensure that all textile suppliers improve their standards of production and comply with their stringent standards of HSE. If the standard is complied with, suppliers may sell their fabrics as 'bluesign certified'. This offers the reassurance that these fabrics have been produced in accordance with the most stringent environmental certifications available.


Bergans wants as many people as possible to enjoy the outdoors, today and in the future. By making the outdoors accessible, more people can enjoy active, healthy livestyles and hopefully feel encouraged to conserve the magical nature we have inherited for coming generations to enjoy.