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PAC PAC Merino Wool Headwear Multi Forest

The PAC headwear is 100% made in Germany and is a great outdoor accessory that can be worn as a mask, scarf, headscarf, hairband, balaclava and many other different ways. The Merino Wool model is made from 100% merino wool and is a natural product with function, that can be used during all-seasons. 

PAC Merino Wool Headwear Multi Forest
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PAC Merino Wool Headwear Multi Forest

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The PAC multi-functional head wear is a practical addition to any sport, outdoor or even leisure garment. The PAC headwear can be used in many different ways providing unlimited possibilities: mask, cap, balaclava, hairband, bonnet, scarf, etc.  PAC headwear is available in many styles  and colors and for different applications and uses.



The P.A.C. Merino Wool is a multi-functional head warmer made of 100 merino wool. with a considered blend of high-tech synthetic insulating fibres to transport perspiration away from your skin and natural merino wool to minimise odours. This functional natural product offers you not only a pleasant wearing comfort but also many possible uses for various outdoor activities. Merino wool cools in summer and warms in winter, which means that it offers excellent thermal regulation. Its natural antibacterial properties make it odor-inhibiting. The fabric also has high breathability and UV and wind protection. PAC Merino only uses mulesing-free merino wool.


Made in Germany, the sustainably produced P.A.C. Merino Wool is exclusively crafted with materials that satisfy the Oeko Tek 100 standards and is an excellent addition to your outdoor gear.

  • Multifunctional use
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Natural Product with function
  • Pleasant wear comfort
  • Excellent thermoregulation
  • Very breathable fabric
  • Odor control
  • Guaranteed non-mulesed wool
  • Made in Germany
  • Material: 100% merino wool
  • Size: approx. 25 x 50 cm
  • Head circumference: 53 - 62 cm
  • Weight: 35 gr.
  • Material: 100% merino wool
  • Size: approx. 25 x 50 cm
  • Head circumference: 53 - 62 cm
  • Weight: 35 gr.
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What is Merino Wool?

What is Merino Wool?

What is Merino Wool?   Merino wool is a top quality wool that comes from a breed of sheep called Merino and that historian have traced back up to the Middle Ages. The Merino wool is silky soft, with great moisturising and warming capabilities and is is one of the fine


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Product Accessories

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